Aquarium Answers is a resource for new and seasoned aquarium enthusiasts to find the latest reviews on top-rated products for your tank, plus relevant tips and guides to properly care for your fish, aquarium, and accessories.

Simplifying fishkeeping is our goal so you can make better decisions about purchasing equipment and providing a healthy environment for your pet fish.

I’m Tawna Schmidt, the founder of Aquarium Answers. Our community is passionate and dedicated to helping you create a thriving environment for your fish.

We strive to simplify fishkeeping so you can make better decisions when it comes to purchasing equipment or providing a healthy and happy environment for your fish.

Fishkeeping is an exciting and rewarding hobby that requires you to learn and understand a wide range of information if you want to create and maintain a healthy tank.

We’re here to help you!

What We Do

Provide easy-to-follow information with actionable advice.

Offer information for busy people who love aquariums and don’t have time to search all day for answers to their aquarium and fish questions.

Back up the information with scientific-based evidence as applicable.

Consistently add new information on the latest tips and trends for fish keepers.

What We Do Not Do

Recommend products we don’t think will work to create a happy and healthy environment for fish.

Take the place of your veterinarian if you have a fish that is ill.

Offer professional veterinarian recommendations or advice.