Best Place to Buy Betta Fish Online

This post will cover the best place to buy betta fish online, giving you multiple options.

There are times you cannot find what you are looking for in a local pet store, especially when it comes to finding the perfect betta fish.

Many betta enthusiasts are not only looking for the perfect betta, but they know the exact color, fin and patterning type, and sex they want.

For these buyers, the only way to find what they are looking for is to look to the online stores that sell betta fish.

There are numerous online retail options, the hardest part is knowing which online retailers are legitimate and will ship you a healthy betta fish that will continue to thrive after its arrival to your home.

Following are the recommended online retailers discussed in this post.

They are numbered to keep things simple, not in an order of recommendation. Each online store has its own type of betta fish, so it depends on what you are looking for and which one is the best fit for you.

Where to Buy Betta Fish Online

Blackwater Aquatics


Consolidated Fish Farm, Inc.

Bettas and Art

Frank’s Bettas

Is There One ‘Best’ Place to Buy Betta Fish Online?

When you start your research to buy a betta fish in local pet stores or from a website, it is likely you will ask yourself this question, “Is one place better to purchase than another?”

Of course, your goal is to get a betta fish you love, and one that is of high quality and healthy.

We have selected the highest quality betta fish stores in this post for you to make your online shopping trip simple and stress-free.

Our priority is to share the information so that when your betta is shipped its arrival at your front door will be quick and safe.

Browse through the stores to see which has the betta you like best or meets your special criteria, make the final decision, and place your order.

In just a few days you are enjoying your betta as it glides through your aquarium water.

Please note that refund policies can change with any retailer. Therefore, before you finalize any purchase it is recommended to know their current refund and guarantee policy should your betta fish arrive dead.

As you shop online, if you want to add some extra confidence into your purchase, a great way to do that is to check the online presence of a retailer such as their social media following and comments, review sites of people that have purchased from them, forums, etc.

Online Betta Fish Retailers

Blackwater Aquatics

Blackwater Aquatics advertises they are the #1 site in the United States for wild-type bettas. Their bettas are of excellent quality and fall in the rare, exotic, and unique categories.

The company and site were founded by two aquarium hobbyists that met, hit it off to start a great friendship while conversing about their betta fish, and eventually started the business together.

Consumers that have used Blackwater Aquatics to make their purchase indicate they are extremely satisfied with the betta fish as well as the customer service.

To ensure the safety of all bettas in their shop, as soon as new fish arrive they are quarantined and inspected for disease, fed, and allowed time to recover from the stress of the journey.

For fish hobbyists that want to get into breeding bettas, this is a good place to go for the rare and unusual betta fish that are difficult to find in other online markets or local pet stores.

  • Price Range: $24.95 to $79.95 +/-
  • Shipping Rates: Starts at $15, extensive shipping policy details on their site
  • Website:


Amazon has its own large collection of betta fish breeders and sellers in its marketplace.

The selection o the species is good. However, it can change quickly since Amazon has a worldwide market, so if you find what you are looking for it may be wise to place the order if you are comfortable with the seller’s buying terms.

With a strong pet policy in place, sellers are required to follow specific guidelines to list their fish for sale on Amazon.

If you are looking for a specific color or type of betta, some of the sellers will take a request attached with the order number and fill it in whenever possible.

If this is something that interests you, be sure to reach out to the seller prior to placing your order to ensure the betta fish you are looking for is available.

Because each Amazon betta supplier has its own shipping procedures, reading the fine print is important before placing your order on Amazon.

  • Price Range: Varies, set by the seller
  • Shipping Cost: Varies, Prime shipping is available for many
  • Website: Amazon

Another reputable online retailer to shop for betta fish is Ebay.

Well-known as the world’s largest online auction, Ebay offers the option to bid on your fish or select the ‘Buy Now’ and close the deal.

There is a large selection of bettas available in the online auction store, with details on each varying depending on the seller since they write their own descriptions and set their own prices.

Ebay does offer a way to filter through all the betta with options for gender, temperament, difficulty level, water type, condition, price, and buying format.

There is also a long list of locations that are not available for shipping, so be sure to check your shipping address prior to placing an order.

  • Price Range: Varies, set by the seller
  • Shipping Cost: Varies, set by the seller
  • Website:

LiveAquaria is a large online aquatic store offering aquatic life and aquarium supplies.

If you need additional tank equipment or live fish, this is a great stopping place. They offer freshwater fish, marine fish, corals, reef rock, invertebrates, live plants, and more.

If you need a bowl for your betta, you can order it at the same time, making it a convenient one-stop shop.

Their collection of WYSIWYG has a wide variety of betta fish. Choose the exact one you want and it will be sent to you, backed by their guarantee.

They boast the importance of customer satisfaction and place a strong focus on buyers having a positive shopping experience.

LiveAquaria offers a 7-day ‘Arrive Alive’ guarantee and a 14-day survival guarantee as long as the customer follows the specific instructions they include with the fish.

  • Price Range: Varies, set by the seller
  • Shipping Cost: Shipping is next day air (unspecified price), orders over $179 are shipped FedEx Priority Overnight
  • Website:

Consolidated Fish Farm, Inc.

Consolidated Fish Farm has been in business for over 30 years.

They started out raising angelfish for local distributors and grew to their current company, now a wholesaler and highly successful in the fish industry.

They offer a variety of freshwater fish for sale, including tropical fish, goldfish, koi, angelfish, and of course male betta and female betta fish.

The collection of WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get Bettas) is popular with betta enthusiasts that know specifically what they are looking for in fin, type, and color.

At the time of our search, the betta fish were extremely limited or sold out (depending on when we completed the search.) It is not uncommon for betta fish to be seasonal in many stores.

If you want to get in touch with Consolidated Fish Farm and get information about their current inventory, they offer a convenient chatbox on their website.

This online store places customers with a high priority, making it a goal to give them the best aquarium fish experience possible.

Consolidated Fish Farm prides itself on successfully shipping healthy live betta fish to buyers for $25 per order, which offers a two-day arrival.

  • Shipping Cost: $25.00
  • Price Range: varies
  • Website:


Aquabid is a highly popular online retailer for purchasing a betta fish online.

It operates as an online auction, similar to eBay. However, Aquabid focuses specifically on selling the customer aquaria and live fish.

Some of the leading world betta fish breeders sell their fish on this website, making the selection almost limitless.

You can easily locate the most unusual and exotic bettas, with hundreds of choices available at any given time, when you visit the AquaBid online store.

The descriptions Aquabid provides for the buyers are extensive, including detailed information about new strains.

One aspect they pride themselves on is refreshing the fish images as quickly as they sell, letting the buyer know exactly the fish they are purchasing.

Their online betta listings are well-organized and simple to comb through, and they allow the buyer to bid or select the ‘Buy It Now’, exactly like the purchasing process on eBay.

  • Price Range: Variable, sellers set their own prices
  • Shipping Cost: Variable, set by auction seller
  • Website:

This pet fish store sells live freshwater fish including premium-quality male Red Betta Fish which originated in Thailand.

At the time an order is placed you can make a special request if you prefer a specific color of fish or something else not available on the order form.

The online store states they keep hundreds of bettas in stock, although at the time of my search they were sold out of most of their species. Because many stores have a period of time that bettas are out of stock, it would be worth contacting them to get the bottom line on their betta inventory. also offers ideas on their website for creative ways to use betta fish, such as sitting a bowl with a betta in it on tables for wedding decorations. has a solid foundation with selling on the internet since January 2000.

They started with a stock of quality tropical fish and goldfish. The owners of the company, Tom and Nevin Bailey (known as the Bailey Brothers in the fish industry,) have been in the fish business for more than 50 years.

  • Price Range: $2.99 to $51.49 +/-
  • Shipping Cost: Orders over $169.99 ship free, other shipping charges range from $17.99 to $36.99 depending on location
  • Website:

Bettas and Art

Bettas and Art advertise they get in over 40 new betta fish twice a week. As soon as they arrive on location, they are inspected and quarantined to ensure the health and safety of all bettas in their store.

As a specialty betta retailer Bettas and Art will take specific requests for the buyer that has their eye on a specific type, fins, color, strain, etc.

They utilize high-end resources from Thailand, allowing them access to practically any betta they want, including Red Golds, Pink Dragons, Crowntail Midnights, Halfmoon Koi, Blue Rim, and more.

They have payment plans available to use for the purchase, excellent customer service, and ship to all states in the USA including Hawai and provinces in Canada.

We found their website difficult to navigate but looked past that based on the quality of the fish and excellent reviews.

  • Price Range: $35.00 to $120 +/-
  • Shipping Cost: Varies depending on ship-to location
  • Website:

Frank’s Bettas

Located in Eastern Thailand, Frank’s Bettas is the result of the hard work of a fish breeder.

As the popularity to purchase fish online grew, and specifically, people wanting to buy betta fish, Frank created his own exotic betta lines which are now recognized worldwide by betta breeders and hobbyists.

The quality of betta fish from Frank’s Bettas is unsurpassed per buyer reviews.

Something special on Frank’s Bettas website is the many images he shares that he took himself. Pictures of siamese fighting fish, colorful and unique blue yellow sunrise bettas, and so many more.

  • Price Range: varies based on wide range of bettas available
  • Shipping Cost: varies, uses  a transshipper
  • Website:


Pet stores are capitalizing on the popularity of people purchasing healthy live fish, and Petco is no different when it comes to bettas.

Petco offers a wide selection of betta fish on their website, including Halfmoon, Koi Bettas, Globettas, and more. Typically, Petco has over 40 types of betta fish available in various colors, with sale prices indicated directly on the fish image.

With a strong reputation, Petco is an excellent choice if you are just starting out with a betta or don’t care to have a specific breed or exact color.

Petco makes the online buying process painless by offering next-day delivery for all their fish, including Saturday delivery for an additional charge.

They also offer a next-to-none 30-day survival guarantee in the event your fish does not survive this length of time. This is a no-questions-asked guarantee with a refund of your money.

However, you are required to take a water sample to the store for them to perform a water test at the time you return the fish.

  • Price Range: $2.49 to $24.99
  • Shipping Cost: Free shipping to a local store for pickup
  • Website:

Final Words for Best Place to Buy Betta Fish Online

The options for finding betta fish for sale on the internet are widespread.

Whatever type of betta or color preference a person wants are practically limitless online, with a broad range to choose from for even the pickiest betta fish enthusiast.